Life Shirt

Nowadays, heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death. My solution is Life Shirt; a shirt that monitors one’s vital parameters in order to predict the risk of having a heart attack. The shirt uses a range of custom-made sensors and is able to monitor in real time. It is suited for intense activities like sport and people that are aged above 50. The shirt contains dehydration, temperature and heartrate sensors. With all the information that these sensors provide, it is able to predict a heart attack. As it will detect low hydration and high temperature accompanied with abnormal heartrate meaning the user’s body is danger. It will directly notify emergencies and loved ones. Hopefully, my solution will be the savior of many lives. That is my goal.

Synthesis Of A Water-soluble Fluorescent Dye For Labelling Normal And Cancerous Urothelial Cells Of The Urinary Bladder In vitro

Our research was aimed at differentiating between healthy (normal) and cancerous urinary bladder urothelial cells. We developed a fluorescence derivative of fluorescein, sodium disulfonate (SUF), which is an organic compound and emits intense fluorescence. We analysed if SUF can be used in cancer cell diagnostic and examined its potential for targeted therapy as an alternative to the currently used fluorescent dyes, which are more expensive and harder to obtain, and with this approach make such research more accessible. The results of the study have shown that SUF is not toxic to urothelial cells of the urinary bladder and that it may be used to distinguish between healthy and cancerous urothelial cells, based on the way of labelling. SUF was proven to be a useful fluorescent marker.

E250 – The Silent Killer

E250 or sodium nitrite is a synthetic additive used in meat products. Its consumation leads to many disorders including the cancer of large intestine. Our goal was to find out the concetration of E250 in meat products and its effect on blood cells. We examined 20 samples. Average concentration of nitrites was 1.6 mg/kg (in drinking water it is approx. 0.3 mg/l). We applied this amount into the five samples of human blood and using blood cells´ analyser we observed the rapid decrease of leukocytes, erythrocytes and platelets as well as the changes in hemoglobin and hematocryt. We proved that the amount of sodium nitrite used in meat products is harmful and in case of regular consumation it can affect the amount of hemoglobin in blood cells and therefore the transport of respiratory gases.

Electronic hardware and software system for posture correction and platypodia diagnosis among adolescence and middle school students

The accomplished scientific and technical project is aimed at preserving children’s health. School age is a period of ontogenesis, when various types of impaired posture are clearly manifested. According to statistics, 10-40% of school-age children show signs posture faults. The project solves a complex of interdisciplinary applied problems of posture correction and flatfoot diagnosis, taking into account the interdependence of posture disorders and foot deformities. The project is done at the intersection of human physiology, rehabilitation science, and electronic engineering. A hardware-software complex including a combined posture corrector for teenagers and a stop-meter detecting signs of flatfoot is developed. Several models of the device are produced and tested.

Individualised footwear to correct children’s feet

Companies producing orthopaedic footwear use a static model for children’s shoe production. As a consequence, children do not wear orthopaedic shoes regularly because they are not comfortable. I have studied the possibility of correcting children’s flexible feet by analyzing the dynamics of load forces between toes and heels both when walking barefoot, and when various combinations of shoes and insoles are worn. As a result, I have developed a method to design comfortable footwear which is effective in correcting asymptomatic flexible children’s feet. I suggest using the dynamical method to improve the quality of orthopaedic shoes, and working together with footwear companies, I will try to help children to prevent irreversible deformations of their feet.

Calcium phosphate bone cements: from α–tricalcium phosphate synthesis to production of bone cement

The aim of the work was to synthesize bone cement based on calcium phosphate, which is the main inorganic component of human bones. The bone cement based on calcium phosphate nowadays can be used to treat even fractured vertebra, thus improving the life quality of those peoples who suffer from osteoporotic bone fractures. In my project, I review the different methods of bone cement synthesis and compare the mechanical properties of cement made from calcium phosphate which is synthesized in high temperature and it’s mix with calcium phosphate which is synthesized in low temperature.

The effect of the E12 antibody on multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease in which immune cells attack neurons. When an immune response terminates, memory cells remain in the body in order to respond more effectively in future encounters. Previous studies found that the E12 antibody can increase differentiation of T-cells into T-type regulatory cells (Tr1), that secrete the cytokine IL-10 which represses abnormal immune responses. Our research examines whether E12 can increase their differentiation into memory cells. MS mice models treated with E12 showed substantial a reduction in clinical symptoms, and an increase in memory cells and IL-10 secretion compared to control. This indicates that Tr1 cells induced by E12 function as memory cells that can respond more effectively to the disease in future relapses.

Distant Monitoring

Our project is innovative, it does not resemble the applications provided today as the tele-medicine develops. This multi-functional device unites the blood pressure, electrocardiogram, pulse, breath frequency and temperature measurement, and lets doctors and patients have a consultation distantly and rapidly, using the internet. The patient owns this device, connects to the doctor, who gives the patient instructions on how to use all the tools, controls the device and starts it up. He sees everything on his tab(or any gadget) at that very moment he starts measuring, and most importantly he observes everything graphically, virtually and numerically, synchronized with the patient’s heart.

Save kidney, Save life

It is a device that contains sensors to measure the current percentage of minerals in blood and compare it with the normal levels such as blood pressure sensor, urine sensor and Ion selective electrode for potassium and sodium. Then it will be able to determine the excess components and wastes and the percentage of kidney failure .the device will be connected to an app on the mobile phone to send a report to the patient to inform him about the disease and the needed information. This part for getting rid of determined wastes and excess minerals as we will design a membrane of substance called Zeolites which is an aluminosilicate substance that have the ability to absorb nitrogenous wastes and minerals. We chose a specific type of zeolite because it absorbs the highest amount of creatin

Inhibition of glutamate excitotoxicity in glaucoma by liposomes

This project proposes a novel treatment of glutamate excitotoxicity which affects all neurodegenerative diseases. In case of glaucoma, it causes vision loss of 64.3 million people worldwide. This work suggests application of liposomes as detoxifying agents capable of glutamate absorption via incorporated membrane EAAT2 transporters. It is supposed that absorption of excessive glutamate by liposomes should prevent receptor over-stimulation and protect the neuron cells. Liposomes suitable for such purpose were synthetized. Their characteristics were assessed by fluorescent microscopy and Raman spectroscopy with Raman imaging.

Taking ABiTE out of Cancer: A Novel Aptamer based BiTE for Cancer Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a treatment in which the body’s own immune system is stimulated to fight diseases such as cancer.

One treatment, called Bi-specific T Cell Engagers (BiTE), consists of two antibodies linked together. One antibody binds to a T cell, while the other binds to a cancer cell, helping T cells recognize and kill the tumor. Unfortunately, BiTEs have several limitations. In a previous project I used aptamers – short single strands of DNA or RNA – to create a disease diagnostic tool. I wondered whether aptamers could make BiTEs more effective and reduce their side-effects.

I designed three different ABiTES (Aptamer based BiTEs) and then tested them on two types of breast cancer cells as well as healthy cells. Results show that ABiTEs are safer, cheaper and more effective than BiTEs.

A novel method for skeletal age estimation based on cranial suture analysis

Due to the cranial suture ossification in conjunction with age, the degree of fusion between the neighboring skull plates has been used as a predictor for estimating age, based on skeletonized human remains. So far, this involved the use of subjective ranking techniques, which rely entirely on the human opinion for assessing the degree of fusion. Such methods have shown to require a lot of human resources and not produce sufficiently accurate results in comparison with other age estimation methods. This project manages to entirely automate the process of age estimation based on cranial suture analysis and based on the available sample, suggests a significant improvement in the error of produced age estimates. This is achieved with the help of computer algorithms and deep learning.

The dream of the sound

The invention of a device for deaf people. Why did we choose to do this project and how did we do it?Firstly, my friend’s grandfather is deaf so this cause was very involved to her because she wanted to make him smile again. First of all, we have researched the subject because «sound» is a very vast environement. Then, we found some informations about what sound was and we made a lots of experiments on tis subjet.Finally, we moved on the practical part, we welded and assembled everything so that the project worked. To conclude, our project is to make the deaf people feel music trough vibrations.

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