Diffrec PRO

The team developed a so-called differential pulley block for alpine lightweight synthetic fibre ropes, which will be easy and simple to handle. They calculated and compared different concepts and found a serrated differential roller with three differently sized grooves. The axle of the pulley is suspended from two side plates, which also provide a suspension point for a carabiner. A mechanism presses the rope into the serrations so that it doesn’t just let go. They found a very smart solution for the improvement of pulley blocks for alpine applications.

Microplastic on our doorstep

The team analyzed the degradation of microplastic in their home river. They found out, that even after 30 days of treatment through contact with the microorganisms in the sewage sludge, the small plastic particles do not degrade completely. Even plastic polylactate, which is labelled as biodegradable, is particularly resistant to sewage sludge. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET for short) is the only material in which the sewage treatment promotes significant chain degradation. The outstanding team adressed a serious problem and worked on a scientifically advanced level.

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