Schlieren imaging

Have you ever wondered what it is like to see something invisible?

The aim of my project was to create a homemade experimental stand (following Foucault’s idea) and to show that physics can be breath taking. My project allows seeing different gases, air currents and movements, a breath or even sound waves. With the use of a special apparatus consisting of a mirror, a video camera, an LED light, and a razor blade, it is possible to see something that a bare eye cannot, such as warmth coming from a hand. All thanks to the occurring physical phenomenon like refraction, the fact that the razor blade lets only some of the reflected light rays back into the camera lens, the “invisible” image can be created. It is magical when you can see physics, and schlieren imaging makes it possible.

The dream of the sound

The invention of a device for deaf people. Why did we choose to do this project and how did we do it?Firstly, my friend’s grandfather is deaf so this cause was very involved to her because she wanted to make him smile again. First of all, we have researched the subject because «sound» is a very vast environement. Then, we found some informations about what sound was and we made a lots of experiments on tis subjet.Finally, we moved on the practical part, we welded and assembled everything so that the project worked. To conclude, our project is to make the deaf people feel music trough vibrations.

How to clean up the oceans?

When our teachers asked us to find out a project, we immediately thought about environmental problems which is a great challenge. Further we thought about the pollution of our oceans and how could we struggle against it. We know that there are a lot of polluting substances in the water and that those have a devastating impact on the marine wildlife. We’re thinking here about plastics bottles, bags or oil and many more. We decided to set our research on oil. So, we created a boat filled with active carbon. This one can adsorb the oil floating on the surface of the water and, therefore, can help to reduce the pollution of the oceans. One more interesting thing is that active carbon is made from natural stuff and it can be reactivated several times, so it is reusable.

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