The wingtip’s influence on the efficiency of airplane wings

Aviation is one of the most important ways of transortation. However, it is highly energy consuming and has a substantial climate impact. In this project, I have designed and tested a new type of wingtip device called a New Raked Wingtip. The New Raked wingtip optimizes the three-dimensional flow around the wingtip in order to maximise the lift and minimise the drag on the wing. That is, maximising the wing’s efficiency defined as the ratio between the lift and the drag. Experiments that I have designed and carried out show that the New Raked Wingtip not only increases the efficiency of the wing, but also increases the efficiency more significantly than currently used wingtip devices. Implementation of New Raked Wingtips has the potential of dramatically reducing aviation’s climate impact.

MOOSIC: a mean for productivity optimisation

This project is an investigation of the phenomenon of MOOSIC – the proportionality between music and the productivity of the dairy cows. Accordingly, I have surveyed, how the compositional parameters of the accompaniment (including both consonance versus dissonance, the level of activity and the tempo) affect the oxytocin release, that is essential to the milking production. Through verifying this on 433 dairy cows, I found a productivity optimisation of 2.4%, by which Denmark could reduce its dairy herd with 15,000 cows. Thereby, this MOOSIC will not only be a mean for productivity optimisation, but as well for minimising the climate changes.

The Perfect Europe Dinghy Sailor

The project explores how to become The Perfect Europe Dinghy Sailor. Therefore, the project presents the physics of sailing with a primary focus on the aerodynamics. A model of the Europe Dinghy is designed, and an experiment analyzing the force generated by the sail is performed in a wind tunnel. At last, a complex model is developed to quantify the subjective decisions made while sailing. In the light of the theories, the project finds that the physics of sailing can be described with Bernoulli’s principle. Furthermore, the project reveals that Europe Dinghy sailing is primarily influenced by an isometric muscle contraction in the quadriceps. Finally, the force analysis makes it possible to create optimal movement patterns for the athlete and enabling direct comparison between athletes.

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