High particulate matter filtration efficiency Nano-fibrous membrane

Particulate pollution has led to catastrophic health and environmental consequences. As a result, new approaches have been done to increase the efficiency of the air filtration equipment. Here a novel nanofibrous air filter made via electrospinning process is demonstrated, which has attractive attributes of high filtering efficiency and low resistance to air flow. The filter could be manufactured with a transparency of 90 % and an efficiency of > 85% under intense smoke exposure. Consequently, the filter could be applied as a muzzle, an alternative for catalytic converters of car exhausts or fabric filters used in the treatment of factories emissions. Additionally, the filter is made from hydrophilic polyacrylonitrile which makes it recyclable and efficient in humid circumstances.

Save kidney, Save life

It is a device that contains sensors to measure the current percentage of minerals in blood and compare it with the normal levels such as blood pressure sensor, urine sensor and Ion selective electrode for potassium and sodium. Then it will be able to determine the excess components and wastes and the percentage of kidney failure .the device will be connected to an app on the mobile phone to send a report to the patient to inform him about the disease and the needed information. This part for getting rid of determined wastes and excess minerals as we will design a membrane of substance called Zeolites which is an aluminosilicate substance that have the ability to absorb nitrogenous wastes and minerals. We chose a specific type of zeolite because it absorbs the highest amount of creatin


PlantPlant is a mobile doctor crop in your pocket. Our project aims to help small farmers in developing countries that had a limited access to experts. The only thing that the user needs is a smartphone. Wherever the problem lies, a smartphone picture is enough and in seconds you will receive a diagnosis and the appropriate treatment tips. Take a picture of your arable crop by using a simple smartphone, Our application analysis it within the blink of an eye and reports detailed information about the plant’s disease.

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