Bone conduction headphones offers the possibility to listen music to deaf people. The bone conduction is a sound propagation method that passes sound not through the air but through bones onto the ears. Hearing people can also listen music, additional the environment noises. We choose to propose a system based on simple components. The aim was to put forward assembly plan accessible to everyone, for a self- manufacture, much less expensive (approximately 50€) and custom-made. All of our work and researches are gathered on a website. We coded a software to optimize the listening of music with the bone conduction. Indeed, bone conduction absorbs some frequency differently than others. Also, we need to be able to rise to volume without overloading the music.

Advanced ARAGO, a „gravitational wave“ detector

LIGO and Virgo American-European scientific collaboration made first detection of gravitational waves produced by a binary black holes merger (BBH)On the same principle, we simulate a gravitational wave detector with a completely innovative technique. This way we create a deformation of the space which corresponds to an hypothetical BBH merger. We detect and analyze it thanks to techniques which are similar to those used by scientists in order to determine the parameters of the event : mass of merging objects and distance to the Earth.On the footsteps of the scientist Arago, a pedagogue and a great popularizer, we propose an innovative approach to popularize the latest discoveries in gravitational astronomy.

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