Triboelectric Curtain

This is an eco-friendly electric station producing enough green energy in an unique way from wind at any time of the day. We take one couple of materials: one has a negative charge and the other has positive, then we place a conductor on each of them. When they touch each other, they exchange charges. After these 2 sides get separated voltage between them rises. This is “Triboelectric Effect” but we discovered that here also works electromagnetic field. When curtains are exchanging charges, they move to each other & vice versa, but mostly this action is accelerated, so we get induced electromotive force between those conductors. Invention is eco-clean as these materials can be recycled; cheap & easy to construct requiring no special professionals; durable as materials are self-cleaning.

Distant Monitoring

Our project is innovative, it does not resemble the applications provided today as the tele-medicine develops. This multi-functional device unites the blood pressure, electrocardiogram, pulse, breath frequency and temperature measurement, and lets doctors and patients have a consultation distantly and rapidly, using the internet. The patient owns this device, connects to the doctor, who gives the patient instructions on how to use all the tools, controls the device and starts it up. He sees everything on his tab(or any gadget) at that very moment he starts measuring, and most importantly he observes everything graphically, virtually and numerically, synchronized with the patient’s heart.

Novel Biodegradable Polymer for Pharmaceutical Applications

Chemotherapy has a bad reputation for severe side effects and this problem is one of the major challenges for modern medicine. Targeted drug delivery has become popular for its main advantage to differentiate between healthy cells and cancerous ones. However, targeted drug delivery still has problems to overcome and one of them is the need of new, promising materials for drug encapsulation.We present novel polymer, which forms micelles in aqueous solution and provides a hydrophobic reservoir for Water-Insoluble Drugs. We claim to achieve complete biodegradability and non-toxicity of micelles as well as high stability below CMC and long blood circulation time. We desire our project to play a role in the development of targeted drug delivery systems and to bring socio-scientific benefits.

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