Reduction and visualization of high-dimensional systems

The method described is applicable to quick visualization of high-dimensional systems as well as a general, system-independent model capable of significant optimization in studying large classes of complex systems. With the help of the solution an arbitrary high dimensional system with a number of derivatives studied can be stored like we were only studying 3-dimensional series. Even for small sytems the storage requirement can be decreased with two orders of magnitude. The reconstruction time is less than 0.07 % of that of the time needed for the direct, classical evaluation, this time is quickly decreasing with the number of elements. The model is general enough for answering questions in economy, medicine, ecology, computer science, natural sciences, construction engineering etc.


Pests can ruin every healthy tree crop within 10-15 days. If pest-control is executed, 50-75% loss may occur. Observation, forecast, prevention. These three words can describe my project.How is it possible to keep track about all of the pests inside the fruit? – I developed a system which can monitor the insect traps. In this trap there is a high-quality camera and a monitoring microcontroller. The automated pheromone trap what I developed would be effective for farmers for economical, environmental protection and environmental reasons. It helps the owner to buy the right amount of pheromone, glue and spray, so you can plan financially.

Automation and Remote Control of Astronomical Telescopes for a Global Asteroid Survey

Our goal is to solve the problem of important astronomical observations not getting enough telescope time. We think this problem can only be solved by involving amateur astronomers. To make this easier we have designed a system to automate the data collection and some of the processing of astronomical data. With the hardware and software designed to operate together, we can collect quality datasets, therefore they can be used for scientific research. We are mainly concentrating on Minor planet research, more specifically photometry and orbit calculations of Near Earth Objects. The product also functions as an automation controller for artistic astrophotography in addition to research. With this system, other surveys could easily be conducted in the future.

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