OnMind: an IoT wearable biofeedback system for the treatment of psychosomatic disorders

The situation of mental disorders is always more worrying while the IoT has proven to be an ally of medicine for its ability in receiving, processing, and analyzing great quantities of data.OnMind is a biofeedback device for psychophysiological disorders, especially for depression and anxiety. OnMind has a wrist-band, that monitors stress (HRV, HR, SpO2, EDA) and environmental parameters (Light and Temperature), an App for the patient and a Platform for the therapist. App shows graphics and behavior-related tips to improve user well-being. On the platform patients data are shown. The patient understands the body’s reaction to stress and how the environment influences his mood. It basis on the literature related to the circadian rhythms, with a focus on HRV, EDA, sleep phases and light.

Prunosom from leaves to anti-age creams: the magic of liposomes and vegetable antioxidants

Vegetables substrates, because of their antioxidant powers, are being used by pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food fields.We analysed the quali-quantitative composition of total flavonoids, anthocyanins, flavanols and HCTA retrieved from leaves of Prunus Pissardii (a very common plant in Europe), which provided the most significant amount of antioxidants. With the retrieved extract we produced a cream, which allowed us to exploit Prunus antioxidant and antiradical powers. To improve cutaneous absorption we decided to encapsulate the antioxidants inside liposomal nanocarriers, used as drug delivery system. Our project has a high eco-sustainability as the chosen vegetal substrates are waste materials, thus reducing their cost for the disposal, following the rules of circular economy.

Motorised Platform for Inverted Microscopes Olympus IX 50 and IX 70

Moving samples at high magnification manually is not easy and purchasing motorized platforms often is not affordable.This brings about the idea of building a platform from scratch, through Open Source tools and under Creative Commons license, making the project a starting point for further developments as well as an incentive for young people who may want to experiment.The minimum movement along the axes equals ~27nm. The platform allows to automatically go back to a previously saved position, with a tolerance of ~30µm. A display shows the current position and so it is possible to take note of all interesting positions to go back there.Finally, the automatic positioning at the center of the microscope upon turning on, guarantees that the positions remain valid even upon restart.

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