Algorithms for independent operations of a robot in a lava tube on the Moon

For decades, mankind has been dreaming of colonizing the Moon and Mars. This idea raises various scientific, technological and economic challenges. In 2009, lunar probe discovered moon cave, which may be optimal base for a habitable base protected from radiation. First exploration stages may include robotic mission. In this work authors designed algorithms that implement automatic robot rescue if communication was lost. A new method of measuring the efficiency of the rescue algorithm was developed — a complex parameter that includes the time to search for a communication site and the amount of energy consumed. The algorithms were tested and verified using computer simulation and using the physical robot developed in this work.

Synthesis of Novel Betulin-Triazole Conjugates

Synthesis of Novel Betulin-Triazole Conjugates.Miķelis Putnieks, Roberts Reikmanis.This paper studies effectiveness of different synthetic routes to acquire betulinaldehyde and the use of it in further derivatization to obtain novel betulin-triazole conjugates.Aim: Explore how acquire novel betulin-triazole conjugates effectively from Betulin using multi-step synthesis and to explore their physical properties.The results of the scientific research paper: In the course of this work there has been done the synthesis of betulinaldoxyme using two different routes, in total there have been done 9 syntheses followed by synthesis of four novel betulin-triazole conjugates.High school scientific research paper was developed in RTU Institute of Technology of Organic Chemistry.

Calcium phosphate bone cements: from α–tricalcium phosphate synthesis to production of bone cement

The aim of the work was to synthesize bone cement based on calcium phosphate, which is the main inorganic component of human bones. The bone cement based on calcium phosphate nowadays can be used to treat even fractured vertebra, thus improving the life quality of those peoples who suffer from osteoporotic bone fractures. In my project, I review the different methods of bone cement synthesis and compare the mechanical properties of cement made from calcium phosphate which is synthesized in high temperature and it’s mix with calcium phosphate which is synthesized in low temperature.

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