The link between body thermal expression and the trauma presence: quick, cheap, easy, and safe diagnostic approach

Our experiment is based on thermographic scans that were used to study occurrence of serious trauma in professional athletes. We investigated professional basketball team players, therefore, an information about their health or upcoming injuries was interesting and helpful not only for us but also for the players involved. We performed front and back thermographic scans with the camera FLIR Tools 640 before and after exercises. Our investigation proved, that thermographic scans are sensitive, specific, and valuable information in order to prepare effective recommendations for the athletes. Our method is quick, cheap, easy, and safe diagnostic tool that can be used to reveal hidden traumas not only for athletes but also for ordinary people.

Individualised footwear to correct children’s feet

Companies producing orthopaedic footwear use a static model for children’s shoe production. As a consequence, children do not wear orthopaedic shoes regularly because they are not comfortable. I have studied the possibility of correcting children’s flexible feet by analyzing the dynamics of load forces between toes and heels both when walking barefoot, and when various combinations of shoes and insoles are worn. As a result, I have developed a method to design comfortable footwear which is effective in correcting asymptomatic flexible children’s feet. I suggest using the dynamical method to improve the quality of orthopaedic shoes, and working together with footwear companies, I will try to help children to prevent irreversible deformations of their feet.

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