The action of prednisone, sodium chloride and microwaves on living organisms

Taking into account the benefits and adverse effects of using prednisone acetate – anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic cortisone derivative – we studied its effects in combination with salt. Salt affects the growth of plantlets at a concentration of 5%. Higher values are obtained in the case of plants treated with a mixture of prednisone acetate and microwaved non-iodised kitchen salt compared to those treated with prednisone acetate and non-iodised kitchen salt. People under medication with prednisone acetate could consume small amounts of salt subjected to microwaves. Using MM +, Monte Carlo, a RMS gradient of less than 0.1 is obtained for Complex Pred. Na: K1 after Run Steps 100. The pH of the treated seeds decreases to 24 hours.

The Glasses of Happiness

Wear our glasses and you will be happy! Happiness is a complex feeling, regarding the hormones chemistry which man can learn to handle in order to ensure as much as possible a desired state. The „Glasses of Happiness“ is an encapsulated system that contains a module in contact with the wearer’s skin in order to collect biological information. These are interpreted by the attached electronic system and, depending on the results, the device decides what message / messages the person who wears the glasses should receive from their own phone. Messages specifically target to excite the emotions and sensations (images that simulate or induce the idea of enveloping, hugging) that are accepted as realities by the brain and lead to the release of one or more hormones.

Environmental magnetism on the Black Sea Coast, in situ versus laboratory measurements

The objective of our project is to monitor the pollution of the seaside environment using magnetism as a working method. The following types of measurements were made:1. In situ: magnetic susceptibility measurements2. In laboratory: magnetic susceptibility measurements, magnetic hysteresis, curie temperature.We have also monitored this year: beaches in our town and trees in the areas adjacent to the main seaside highway. The main conclusion is that measurements of magnetic susceptibility can be used in the study of environmental qualities. The susceptibility level can be used as an indicator of environmental pollution. Comparing the measurements in situ in the laboratory showed that measurements in situ are much cheaper and simpler to achieve and lead to very good results.

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