Development and application of analytical method for determining iodine anion in highly mineralized water matrices

It is not spoken so much about Iodine in the world. But lode, in the nature represented like iodine is as important for our body as every single needed element. In my work, I was determined iodine anion in mineral water. There are not some exact value for available quantity in mineral water and many of producers does not mentioned quantity of iodine, which is contained in each mineral water.There are not any qualified method to determine iodine in water. In old database I found out some old spectrophotometry method and I started with modifying this method according necessary parameters.After this process we determined iodine in water. According our results and qualified results our method was correct. The found results may be dangerous to people with Thyroid gland problems.

Prevention of Cheating in eSports

eSports are a rapidly growing industry, and thus, there is a lot of attention drawn to it lately. One hot button issue is cheating. As with other more traditional sports, doping is also present in eSports, however with the sport moving onto electronic devices comes a new way – cheating using digital programs aimed to give the player an unfair advantage. In my project I have researched the various cheating methods, and created various solutions to detect and prevent players from using such things to their advantage.

E250 – The Silent Killer

E250 or sodium nitrite is a synthetic additive used in meat products. Its consumation leads to many disorders including the cancer of large intestine. Our goal was to find out the concetration of E250 in meat products and its effect on blood cells. We examined 20 samples. Average concentration of nitrites was 1.6 mg/kg (in drinking water it is approx. 0.3 mg/l). We applied this amount into the five samples of human blood and using blood cells´ analyser we observed the rapid decrease of leukocytes, erythrocytes and platelets as well as the changes in hemoglobin and hematocryt. We proved that the amount of sodium nitrite used in meat products is harmful and in case of regular consumation it can affect the amount of hemoglobin in blood cells and therefore the transport of respiratory gases.

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