Synthesis Of A Water-soluble Fluorescent Dye For Labelling Normal And Cancerous Urothelial Cells Of The Urinary Bladder In vitro

Our research was aimed at differentiating between healthy (normal) and cancerous urinary bladder urothelial cells. We developed a fluorescence derivative of fluorescein, sodium disulfonate (SUF), which is an organic compound and emits intense fluorescence. We analysed if SUF can be used in cancer cell diagnostic and examined its potential for targeted therapy as an alternative to the currently used fluorescent dyes, which are more expensive and harder to obtain, and with this approach make such research more accessible. The results of the study have shown that SUF is not toxic to urothelial cells of the urinary bladder and that it may be used to distinguish between healthy and cancerous urothelial cells, based on the way of labelling. SUF was proven to be a useful fluorescent marker.

Pythagorean Quintuples

Pythagorean quintuple is a quintuple of five numbers a,b,c,d and e corresponding to the equation a^2 + b^2 + c^2 + d^2 = e^2. In the first part of the research, several different parametrizations of natural Pythagorean quintuples were discovered. Using the parameter selection, a Pythagorean quintuple is obtained, so the generator of Pythagorean pentacles is also called parametrization. The generator that generates all Pythagorean pentacles was discovered and also proved.In the second part of the research, in the set of the whole Pythagorean quintuple the multiplication was defined. It was proved that there is a multiplication unit, and that the multiplication is associative but not commutative. The dismantling of Pythagorean quintuples was also explored.

Microorganisms and Proper Nutrients as Natural Protection from Frost

In years 2016, 2017 spring frost caused a major plant damage over the large majority of Slovenian teritory which had a strong impact on national economy.With our reserch, we wanted to prove correlation betwen microorganism activity and plants ability to store osmotically active nutrients which could serve as a protection from spring frost. These nutrients form bound water which has a much lower freezing point.In our reaserch we used plants with longer lifespan, for they are most affected by spring frosts and the damage is of larger consequence. Becuse of that we chose vines.We tested the nutrient content of soil, roots and young foliage.The results confirmed our expectations. The plans that were added microorganisms had higher levels of previously mentioned nutrients.

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