With Death at His Heels. Chronicle of an Escape and Two Wars.

Based on a recording made by the protagonist himself, I have tried to reconstruct Miguel Quintillà’s biography. A member of the Republican Council of Purroy (Spain), he managed to escape execution by the Guardia Civil in 1938 and became a republican combatant in the Segre and Ebro battles. Prisoner by Franco, he managed to escape in the Navarre Pyrenees. He joined the French Légion estrangère and fought against Hitler during the 2WW in the battle of the Norwegian fjords. He was also a soldier of the NOSC of the British Army, which landed on the Normandy coast.My analysis it’s an attempt at portraying a carpenter who became a fugitive, a prisoner and a soldier in two wars, but it may be as well a way of recognising the role played by anonymous people, the true heroes in our History.

Acoustic levitation. Building and analyzing two different acoustic levitators based on piezoelectric transducers, and exploring its current and possible future applications using simple physical and chemical experiments.

The paper explores the notions of Acoustic Levitation using acoustic tractor beams with both single and double arrays. These devices are able to generate different types of acoustic traps allowing the levitation of objects of low density and up to the size of half a wavelength. For this purpose piezoelectric transducers have been used. Based on Dr. Asier Marzo’s investigations, the main aim of this research paper is to prove the effectiveness of this method and to explore its potential applications in areas such as medicine, biology and technology. To test the applications of this method, several measurements, experiments and chemical reactions have been carried out and documented , as a demonstration and example of the possible practical uses of acoustic levitation systems.

O da la miúda. Distribution, ethology and phenology of the Iberian wolf.

In order to obtain data on the distribution and behavior of the Iberian wolf in the study area(Mountains of O Xistral and surroundings), a methodology different from previous studiescarried out in the province of Lugo is used where the IKA indexes do not represent a tool toconfirm the presence of the groups, but a method prior to the photo-trapping of specimenswith which more accurate data is obtained and that would allow to assess the populationtrends of the Canis lupus signatus in the area. It has been confirmed the existence of three 3packs and other 3 are pending to be corroborated as independent groups. After a meticulousstudy of these, we were able to reach common conclusions, such as the presence of analpha breeding couple in each pack.

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