Remote Controlled Cylinder

This research work consists of the conception and open-source development of a robotic cylinder whose speed is remotely controlled through a web page. To induce the movement, an innovative approach has been developed, which uses the coordinate movement of three motors to move a mass inside the cylinder. As the mass is placed away from the center, an imbalance is induced, causing the cylinder to accelerate. This project is very transdisciplinary, which is what makes it especially interesting: mathematics, physics, mechanics, electronics and programming notions were necessary to build the final prototype. It weighs 1.4 kg, has a diameter of 32 cm, an autonomy of about 4 hours and a maximum speed of 1 m/s.

Gene regulation during development: The roles of the genes xbp1, creb3l1 and creb3l2 in axial mesoderm differentiation

By dividing and differentiating, a single cell can develop into a complex multicellular organism such as a human being. Transcription factors are proteins that play an important role in the development by regulating the activity of genes. In this project, three transcription factors and their roles in the development of a specific tissue in zebrafish were investigated. By using new methods, I revealed previously unknown regulatory interactions, which improved our understanding of the roles of the three transcription factors. The findings could lay the foundation for the development of new medical diagnostics and therapies, since all three transcription factors have been implicated in diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.

Blockchain Decrypted

In my project Blockchain Decrypted I developed a method how the complex fundamentals of Blockchain can be explained in an intelligible way. The functionality and mathematical backgrounds of the future-oriented Blockchain are presented in an understandable way. Furthermore, an exciting application of the Blockchain, called Smart Contract, is described. An own Smart Contract, which implements a TicTacToe game, has been developed and an own crypto currency has been created and integrated. Thus the most exciting aspects of the Blockchain are demonstrated, the possibilities of the technology are clearly recognizable. Thanks to a webpage-interface, the game is easy to use. My work offers a great opportunity to get to know the dimensions of Blockchain on the basis of a specific example.

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