Investigating the Effect of Activated Charcoal on the Absorption of Medicines

Activated charcoal is often found in toothpaste to whiten teeth, in face masks to clear the skin and as a food supplement to remove ‘toxins’ from the gut. My project investigated the effects of activated charcoal on the absorption of medicines by measuring the conductivity and Total Dissolved Solids of solutions. I created solutions of medicines with deionized water; either with or without activated charcoal, filtered the solutions and measured the change in conductivity in order to ascertain if the drugs were still available to be absorbed. My results showed that conductivity and TDS are both reduced after the addition of activated charcoal. This indicates that it is adsorbing medicine particles and removing them from the liquids, thus interfering with their absorption in the body.

Music Splash

Music Splash is an app designed to help students develop their musical ability and musicality. The app uses machine learning to account for and identify the players own elements of musicality and help to enhance them. The app gets input which is initially stored as a .wav file. This .wav file is then put through a process, parsed by the computer, to convert it into a file format that can be used. Once the file has been converted, it is compared to a base file that has been pre-recorded by a teacher. This analysis, due to the complexity of music, involves using machine learning to compare the two files.Based on the given comparison, the program then chooses, from a pre-set list of outputs, what feedback needs to be given to the user to improve their performance.

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